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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
والصلاة والسلام على سيدنا رسول الله
وآله وصحبه ومن والاه
جامع الأحاديث القدسية الثابتة
The Complete Book of the Divine Sayings
In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful
And prayers and peace be upon our master, the Messenger of Allah, and his family and friends
To Extracted from the nine grand masters, books of hadith: Musnad of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal and his two students, al-Bukhari and Muslim.
The work of the great Hafiz Ahmad and Abdullah al-Ghamari, and Hafez al-Talidi and al-Hafez al-Albani


My master Sheikh Al-Hafiz Abdullah bin Al-Siddiq Al-Ghamari said

“The First person to reach us that he authored a divine hadith collection was Muhyi al-Din Ibn al-Arabi, who died in 638 Hegria - lunar year after Prophet migration to Madina - who collected 40 statements
Sheikh Abdul Ghani Al Nabulsi, who passed away in the year 1143 Hegira and his book in divine hadith is not found todate, and he, may Allah have mercy on him, had about a hundred books.
As for Sheikh al-Islam Imam Mulla Ali al-Qari, who died in the year 1014, Al-Zarkali has reported that Ali al-Qari authored forty hadiths in manuscripts on the sacred hadiths - Imam al-Muhaddith Abd al-Raouf al-Manawi, who died in the year 1025 also wrote a book in Sacred hadiths