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Articulated by
Shaykh Ahmad Darwish

Proofread by Ryan O’Meallie
Confronting and Guiding

The Theologians, Authoritarians, Talkers/Talks (Kalam and Mutakallemon)
are those who believe in opinion and examination, together with the secular
politicians and their affiliations, The Christian who reject Prophet Muhammad
and the rest of the Prophets of Allah, Jews who reject Prophet Muhammad, and
the rest of the Prophets of Allah and the Muslims who do not practice Science of
Spiritual Perfection (Ihsan) Battiniya – the people who covet and conceal their
spiritual false orders, Zahiriya (and Kharijis: the Wahabis), and Philosophers.
Admiring the Sufis: the people who follow the Science of Spiritual Perfection

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