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|H 907

“The Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him, enjoined
seven things upon us and forbade seven. He ordered us to: Visit the
sick. Attend the funeral. Supplicate for the Mercy of Allah on one
who sneezes. Fulfill promises. Help those who are wronged. Accept
an invitation. Increase the greeting of peace.

He forbade us to: Wear gold rings (men). Drink from silver vessels.
Sit on red silk cushioned saddles. Wear garments made from a
mixture of silk and cotton yarn. Wear pure silk. Heavy silk and

We are also informed:

“Announcement of lost property – is included in the first seven.”

Bukhari and Muslim with a chain up to Bra'a son of 'Azib who related the Prophet,
praise and peace be upon him, said this.