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Darwish Appendix

@ The Prophet's honor mentioned in chapter "Al-Fath" - 11

There were 1400 Companions who pledged their allegiance under the tree at
Hudaybiah and the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, told them they had all been
forgiven and would not enter Hell."

@ The honoring of the Prophet in the Koran – 12

Thereafter, the message spread over frontiers, in which other languages are spoken.
These nations examined the veracity of the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him,
and many converted, then learned the Arabic language, and this is the realization of the
Prophet's saying, "I was sent for all races, the fair and the dark.

@ The Prophet's cleanliness – 16

When he slept his eyes were closed but his heart and internal being were not in the
status of sleep, therefore he would make ablution only when it was needed. The
Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, said, "My eyes sleep but my heart does not."